Old Shih Chung Branch School Building



Old Shih Chung Branch School

The old and derelict building was once a large mansion of five-storeys tall built in the late 1880s at Northam Road, George Town. It is locally known as “Goh Chan Lau” or “five-storeys villa”, with a rich history from its origin till the current state it is now. The mansion was built by local tycoon Cheah Tek Soon as a private residence, and incorporated a mix of Asian and Western architecture styles. It later on became the site of the old Shih Chung Branch School but the school was also eventually relocated years ago.

Penang Street Art (Murals in the Ruins)

Murals in Ruins

Several art works found on the walls of this ruined heritage house in the now cleared Maxwell Road, George Town. This was one of the locations used for the Different Strokes street art festival too.

Penang Street Art (Urban Xchange Mural III @ Nagore Mews)

Another street art painted during the Urban Xchange festival in November 2014, which can be found on a ruined wall at the back of Nagore Mews, George Town.

The Moon Gate

The Moon Gate located near the Penang Botanic Gardens is an entrance archway remnant of a Chinese mansion built in the 19th century which now lies in ruins (source and more info: iGeorgetown Website). The archway now also serves as the meeting point of a popular hiking trail up to the Penang Hill.