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A Balik Pulau Scenery

A rural road in Balik Pulau.


Balik Pulau: The Rural Paddy Field

Paddy fields are a common sight in Balik Pulau, as the rural folks here are mostly farmers or fishermen.

Penang Island: Balik Pulau Cycling Route

Balik Pulau‘s rural and natural landscape provide scenic views of the western countryside region of Penang island as well as many cycling routes that one can try on to experience a different side of the island.

Penang Street View: The Kampung Homes




Street view of traditional Malay kampung houses along Balik Pulau roads in Penang. During the festive period of Hari Raya, many Malays will be returning to their family homes, and most of them will be traveling from the urban cities to the kampung area.

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