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Chulia Street: Nagore Dargha Sheriff

Nagore Durgha Sheriff (or Nagore Dargha Sheriff) is a small mosque located at the intersection of King Street and Chulia Street. It was built in honor of a Muslim saint in the 1800s and is the oldest Indian Muslim shrine in Penang.


Penang Waterfall Hilltop Hindu Shrine

One of the old shrines of the Penang Waterfall Hilltop Temple, the central location of Thaipusam festivities for Hindu worshippers.

A Temple at Chew Jetty

A Temple at Chew Jetty

A temple lights up with lanterns during Chinese New Year nights at the Chew Jetty, George Town.

George Town Street View: An Overgrowth Alley

An Overgrowth Alley

Every corner and alley of George Town can be seen as a portrait of forgotten time and history.

Butterworth: Sri Muniswarar Temple

Sri Muniswarar Temple

The Sri Muniswarar Temple located along Jalan Baru in Prai, Butterworth, is one of the famous and oldest Hindu temples in Penang. The temple was said to be established during the 1870s by a group of Indian immigrants working with the British East India Company.

Sri Muniswarar Temple

Penang Isle: The Golden Pagoda

The Golden Pagoda

The Golden Pagoda is a four storeys bell tower built at the compound of the Dhammikarama Burmese Temple. Completed in 2011, this additional building was built in the Burmese architecture style. Within the four floors of the bell tower, one may find exhibition of various Buddhist sculptures, murals and artifacts. The Golden Pagoda is open to the public with free entrance. There is also a donation box inside the building should one wishes to do so.

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