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The Rainbow Skywalk @ The TOP

Built 249 meters above ground, the Rainbow Skywalk at the Komtar’s TOP consists of a glass panel floor with a curved walkway that provides breathtaking view of the George Town city below.

Penang Hill Observation Deck and Top Station


A recent addition to the Penang Hill top station complex, the observation deck provides visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding areas below.

Rainbow Skywalk at The Top @ KOMTAR

The Rainbow Skywalk of The Top @ KOMTAR as seen from the streets below. The rooftop of the KOMTAR tower underwent a major change since last year which included an outdoor platform at the very top of the tower for visitors to have a 360 degrees view of George Town from above. The outdoor platform was opened to the public early this year, and in addition to an indoor observation deck at a level below and a restaurant, it also features a small glass pane walkway that is extended out from the roof (called the Rainbow Skywalk).

A Hilltop House

House at Hilltop
Houses on the hilltop and fruit farms at the slopes are common sights along the Balik Pulau-Teluk Bahang hill route.

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