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Penang Botanic Gardens: The Cannonball Trees

Upon entering Botanic Gardens, the sight of these Cannonball Trees greets the visitors. The trees are scientifically named Couroupita guianensis, and they are also known commonly as the ‘Cannonball Tree’ due to the shape and appearance of the fruits.


Dusky Leaf Monkey @ Penang Botanic Gardens

A Dusky Leaf monkey (or also known as Lutung) spotted with its child on a branch of a tree at the Penang Botanic Gardens. This species is usually found in the rainforest regions of Malaysia and Thailand. Unlike the adult, a newborn has golden-yellow fur.

Penang Betel Nut Palm Tree

Deriving its name from the Betel Nut palm tree (locally known as Pinang tree), Penang was once famous for the trees and its local name is ‘Pulau Pinang’, meaning the ‘Island of Betel Nuts’.

George Town Street View: A Heritage Wall Facade


A view of the heritage style side wall of an old townhouse at Chulia Street, George Town.

Penang Street Art (The Blessed Tree)


A large mural painted on the wall of a building in Kampung Kolam, George Town. This art work depicting what appears to be called the Borton Tree, or the Sahabi Tree, an ancient sacred tree in the Muslim world.

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