Penang Esplanade Promenade

The newly upgraded promenade of the Esplanade in George Town, Penang. The 570-metre promenade upgrade infuses the old historical seawall of the Esplanade along with a new walkway. The old seawall was found to be built since the early 1800s.

During high tide season, a special lower section of the walkway will be filled with seawater and if the time is right, one can even wade through the saltwater via the walkway.

A Stroll through a Back Alley in George Town

A stroll through the many alley ways in George town is a little adventure of its own. Several back alleys in George Town recently went through a ‘beautification process’ as new colorful tiled walkways are being built for people to take a stroll along these rustic alleys.

Walking Through Heritage XIV (Five Foot Way)

Beautiful heritage style tiles with striking geometrical patterns adorning the five foot way of the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce building in Light Street, George Town.

Penang Isle: Karpal Singh Drive (formerly The Nautilus Bay)

Completed more than 10 years ago, this seaside walkway that stretches along the coastline of Jelutong Expressway, is also dubbed the ‘New Gurney’ by the locals here.  This walkway is a popular place for joggers, cyclists as well as fishing hobbyists. At the center of the walkway lies the 4-blue-pylons art sculpture made by renowned artist NAKAYAMA Hitori.

The promenade is now renamed as Karpal Singh Drive in honor of Karpal Singh, a prominent politician hailing from Penang who passed away in an accident in 2014.