Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Tye Kee Yoon Road

Tye Kee Yoon Road

Tye Kee Yoon Road

Tye Kee Yoon Road (Jalan Tye Kee Yoon) is a small road of Brick Kiln Road (or Gurdwara Road) in George Town. It was named after Tye Kee Yoo who became one of the richest Chinese immigrants in Penang during the 1800s. Arriving in Penang without any money, he worked hard and eventually became one of the largest property owners back then.

Like other similar Chinese tycoons during that era, Tye Kee Yoon had provided contributions to the Penang local community that included the establishment of schools and hospitals such as Penang Free School and Adventist Hospital.

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