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Penang Street Art (The Grandmother and the Granddaughter by Julia Volchkova)

The latest mural drawn by Julia Volchkova, a street artist who had also created a number of street art murals in Penang. This latest art work reveals a the relationship portraiture of a family, with a grandmother looking over her small granddaughter, and was inspired a real family that she met.

This large mural is painted on the side of a flat near the Batu Lanchang Market.


Street Cycling in George Town

A family of three cycling along the heritage street in George Town. Cycling here has proven to be a fun family affair during weekends for most people besides the chance to experience the nostalgic surroundings of the town.

Penang Street Art (Grandmother and Grandson)

A mural depicting an old lady laughing with presumably her grandson on a wall of a house at the entrance to the Chew Jetty.
This mural was painted by a local artist named Simon Tan. For the art’s location, please click HERE for the map.

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