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Kek Lok Si Turtle Pond and Garden

The newly renovated and re-landscaped turtles pond and garden of Kek Lok Si.

Currently some of the area’s rework is still in progress.


The Kek Lok Si Temple Turtle Pond

The Kek Lok Si Temple Turtle Pond

The Kek Lok Si Temple Turtle Pond

The Kek Lok Si Temple Turtle Pond

This old but large ‘turtle liberation pond’ of Kek Lok Si temple complex can be found near the entrance of the temple if one decides to walk up the hill from the Ayer Itam town. The pond is surrounded by many souvenir and gift stalls and similar stalls are set up along the way to the pond and the temple.

Penang Street Art (Raja Uda Giant Mural by Martin Ron)


Another giant mural found in Raja Uda, Butterworth. This mural was painted by Martin Ron in May and depicts a man (a friend of the artist) seated with turtles floating around. Located behind a row of shoplots across the road from Sabek’s mural, this giant mural was also drawn in conjunction with the Different Strokes street art exhibition.

For its location, please go here; Raja Uda Street Art Murals Location Map.

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