Penang Isle: P Ramlee’s Birth House

P Ramlee House

P Ramlee was a famous entertainer in Malaysia, and a local legend who was born in Penang back in 1929. This replica house was built to mark the place of his birth and also to commemorate his legacy. The house is open to the public with free admission and is located at P. Ramlee Road.

Penang Street Art (Stewart Lane Murals)

The back alley of Stewart Lane behind the walls of Hutchings School is now the home to two different sets of art murals; the first set being painted by an artist with the initial “Edd” and the second set of murals painted by Japanese artist Takayuki Miyazon.

Earth and Environment Murals

Okinawan Mythology Murals

Penang Street Art (P. Ramlee, a Local Legend)


P. Ramlee was a Malaysian entertainment legend popularly known for his contribution in the country’s movie and music industry. He was a movie actor, director, singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. Till now, he is still considered as the icon of Malay entertainment in Malaysia, Singapore, and Sumatra.

P. Ramlee was born on 22 March 1929 in Penang and was educated in Penang Free School. During his times as both a prolific actor and singer, he had starred in more than 50 movies and made more than 300 songs. He passed away on 29 May 1973 due to a heart attack and was subsequently honored with titles as well as a number of streets in the country named after him (including Jalan P. Ramlee in Penang).

This large portraiture mural of P. Ramlee is located at Batu Uban, Gelugor, Penang and is part of the The Silent Figures Project by Lebuh Acheh Interpretation Center, Penang.
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