Penang Street Art (The Giant Boy and Squirrel Mural)

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This huge art mural was recently completed on the side of the wall of the new 118 Hotel MacAlister, which is located along MacAlister Road in George Town. It depicts a boy having a bowl of noodles with a squirrel on top of his cap. With the bright orange wall, this mural or building can be easily spotted if one travels along MacAlister Road or along Lorong Baru (New Lane).

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George Town Street View: New Lane

New Lane

New Lane (or Lorong Baru) is a small street that links up Macalister Road and Dato Kramat Road in George Town. At night, it transforms into a popular hawker center (although nowadays it’s more like a tourist-centric area) and the street is usually packed with stalls and vehicles are not allowed to enter the street from Macalister Road from 4pm to 12am.

Penang Food: Fried Fish Bee Hoon


Goh Chew Deep Fried Fish Beehoon at New Lane is a popular local fried beehoon (translated as rice vermicelli) spot in Penang. This fried beehoon is served with deep fried fresh fish meat and is only available in the morning. The main attraction here is the fried fish meat and prawn (sometimes served with extra curry paste), the taste of which sets this beehoon stall apart from the others.