Penang Betel Nut Palm Tree

Deriving its name from the Betel Nut palm tree (locally known as Pinang tree), Penang was once famous for the trees and its local name is ‘Pulau Pinang’, meaning the ‘Island of Betel Nuts’.

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Penang Immigration Office Building

The Immigration Office Building of Penang is located towards the north end of Beach Street and beside the Betel Nut roundabout at King Edward’s Place in George Town.
The Income Tax office building is also located opposite the Immigration Office Building.

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Penang Isle: Queen Victoria Memorial Clocktower

The Queen Victoria Memorial Clocktower located nearby the Betel Nut roundabout in George Town (King Edward’s Place) is one of the famous landmarks in the island. The 60-feet high tower was built by Penang millionaire Cheah Chen Eok to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 1897 Jubilee at that time.

The Betel Nut roundabout structure is made up of a fountain with a 4.8m-high metal structure re-sembling giant pinang fruits is erected at the roundabout next to the clock tower.

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