George Town Street View: QUEEN STREET (LEBUH QUEEN)

As one of the first streets created in George Town, Queen Street (Lebuh Queen) was found to be named after Queen Charlotte (19 May 1744 – 17 November 1818), the wife of King George III.

Queen Street starts from an intersection of Church Street leading all the way south to the popular Little India.

Armenian Street Heritage Walk

A walk along Armenian Street on a sunny day. Pre-war straits eclectic townhouses can be seen along the old and historical street in the heart of George Town’s heritage zone.

Cecil Street View

Cecil Street
Straits Eclectic architectural style of the pre-war double-storey townhouses at Cecil Street. This type of architectural style is a popular commission back in the early 20th century and can be commonly seen in George Town. Most of such houses usually had their ground floor converted as shop units with residential units at the top floor.