Author: WiLL CWK

Penang Street Art (Balik Pulau Bread Man Mural)

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A large art mural depicting a popular local bread seller in Balik Pulau town. According to local artist Andhar A. Samah who created the mural with several others, the bread seller known as Uncle Muniandi (or “Uncle Roti”) is a legend in Balik Pulau who is recognized by everyone there regardless of race. The mural ….  Read More

Penang Street Art (Fish Lane Mural)

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Sponsored by Nippon Paint Malaysia, this large art mural is located at Lorong Ikan (literally translated as Fish Lane). The art work depicts the historical story of the street, whereby vendors used to sell fish, dried salted fish and various spices during the old days. The mural is created and painted by a local artist ….  Read More

Sungai Ara Linear Park (Taman Jajar Sungai Ara)

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Sungai Ara Linear Park (or also called Taman Jajar Sungai Ara) is a lesser known park but is popular within the local area communities. Situated within the housing area of Sungai Ara, the park has some outdoor exercising facilities, walking/jogging paths, a small stage with a river that flows through the park. The park is ….  Read More