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The Eastern Coastal View

Floating fishing platforms with the Penang Second Bridge at the background, as viewed from the eastern coastal region of the island.

Butterworth Street Art: Fishing

A large mural painted on the back wall of an old shop at Butterworth’s old town, featuring a man sitting above the sea with a fishing rod. This art work showcases the origin of the area whereby it was a fishing village and jetty that later thrived into a busy trading port. This mural is part of the series of works of the Butterworth Street Art Alley.

Rural Penang View: Kampung Pulau Betong


An old fisherman shed in Kampung Pulau Betong, Penang.

Jelutong Coastal View


Fishermen docking their boats at the coastal shore of Jelutong, with the Penang Bridge at the horizon.

Jetty at Teluk Bahang Coast

Jetty at Teluk Bahang

A pier nearby the coastal area of the Penang National Park in Teluk Bahang.

Teluk Bahang: A Floating Shelter

Floating Shelter
A floating shelter for fishermen in Teluk Bahang coastal area.

Pulau Betong View: Returning Home

With a rain storm approaching, a fisherman is seen returning home on his boat after a day’s catch at the sea.

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