The Komtar Pedestrian Crossing

Komtar Pedestrian Crossing

The Komtar Pedestrian Crossing is a four-way pedestrian bridge crossing with connecting access at Penang Road, Burmah Road, Prangin Road and Komtar Walk. Located right at the intersection of the three busiest roads in central George Town, the bridge also provides a nice view from above on the town area.

Komtar Pedestrian Crossing 2

Of Bicycle and Street

With the support of the Penang Government (by introducing the bicycle lane around the island and organizing car-free days), cycling is now a popular sports and favorite past time of both foreigners and locals here.

A Stroll along King Street

King Street or Lebuh King, is a historical old street located within the central heritage site of George Town and was named after King George III. As one of the original major roads in George Town during the British colonial era, King Street has several Cantonese style temples as well as various old heritage townhouses.

A Stroll along Campbell Street




Campbell Street is one of the popular streets in George Town and is accessible from Penang Road and a number of other smaller streets. The street was found to be named after the Penang Inspector General Sir George William Robert Campbell, who was also the acting Lieutenant-Governor of Penang between 1872 and 1873.

The street is called “Sin Kay” by the local Hokkiens meaning ‘new street’ and can also be referred to as ‘fresh chickens (another term for prostitutes in Hokkien)’. This is because back in the old days, the street was famous as a red light district which attracted newly arrived prostitutes from Macau port (consisted mostly of Cantonese migrants). However, during the mid 20th century, the street became an important shopping street for the locals looking to buy various items such as clothes, watches and shoes.