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George Town Street View: A Top View of McNair Street

The other end of McNair Street that connects to Magazine Road in George Town.

Penang Street Art (The Wedding Couple)

An art mural created by a freestyle artist named Craig Griffin for a cake house which is located along McNair Street, in George Town. The black and white art work depicts a couple in wedding attire looking out through a window, into the landscape beyond.

George Town Street View: McNair Street (North End)


The northern end of McNair Street (or Lebuh McNair), one of the major roads running through the heart of George Town.

George Town Street View: A McNair House Facade


Facade of an old pre-war house at McNair Street.

McNair Street Old Townhouses

McNair Street Old Townhouses

A row of townhouses located along McNair Street, George Town.

George Town Street View: McNair Street

McNair Street

McNair Street

McNair Street

McNair Street

McNair Street (Lebuh McNair) is a street in George Town that crosses several of the locally known ‘7 streets’ which include Cecil Street, Tye Sin Street and Presgrave Street.

It was named after John Frederick Adolphus McNair, a British who was the acting Lieutenant-Governor of Penang in the 1880s.

McNair Street

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