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Balik Pulau Town Center Revisited

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It was found that the old agricultural town of Balik Pulau was established in the 1790s by the British East India Company. Located at the southwest of Penang Island, Balik Pulau is a Malay name which refers to ‘the back of the island’ in Malay. The town was so named due to its location situated ….  Read More

Chulia Street: Han Jiang Ancestral Temple

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The Han Jiang Teochew Temple (or Hanjiang Ancestral Temple) is a Chinese temple located along Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia) in George Town and right at the cross junction of Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. It is the community temple of the Penang Teochew Association. Completed in 1870, it serves as the community temple of the Penang ….  Read More

Penang Street Art (Fish Lane Mural)

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Sponsored by Nippon Paint Malaysia, this large art mural is located at Lorong Ikan (literally translated as Fish Lane). The art work depicts the historical story of the street, whereby vendors used to sell fish, dried salted fish and various spices during the old days. The mural is created and painted by a local artist ….  Read More

Campbell Street Facades

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Campbell Street is one of the popular streets in George Town and is accessible from Penang Road and a number of other smaller streets. The street was found to be named after the Penang Inspector General Sir George William Robert Campbell, who was also the acting Lieutenant-Governor of Penang between 1872 and 1873. Also called ….  Read More