The Habitat: Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk


As the main attraction of The Habitat at Penang Hill, the Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk features breathtaking views atop the rainforest hill of Penang island. It provides an elevated walkway and a 360 degrees viewing platform above the trees (with a height of 13 meters from the ground), offering the highest panoramic view of the island. Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk was named after Charles Curtis, the first British superintendent of the Penang Botanic Gardens and who is also a botanist himself.

The Habitat @ Penang Hill

Claiming to be the country’s first ecotourism site, The Habitat at Penang Hill is the newest attraction to join the ranks of popular tourism sites in Penang. With its objectives in promoting environmental causes and the conservation of nature, The Habitat features walking trails within the lush rainforest of Penang. Along these trails, one can find a variety of flora and fauna which inhabit the rainforest and hills, ranging from tiny insects to the rainforest’s wildlife and plants.

A place which will be appreciated by people who like nature, The Habitat also features its own attractions like the giant swings, mini gardens and a tree top walk (the Curtis Walk), in addition to guided walking tours. There are several other new attractions (like the canopy walk) which are being developed currently and are expected to be completed by the year’s end.

For more info on The Habitat, do visit its official website located HERE.

Ayer Itam Dam: The Hill Top Trail

Ayer Itam Dam Trail

The hill top trail circling the Ayer Itam Dam is a popular trail for the locals here who like to take a stroll, jog, cycle and hike. Along the trail, one can easily enjoy the lush green rainforest and the cooling shades of the trees. There are also several smaller paths for hiking and biking along the trail, that lead to various locations of the hill and its neighboring areas.

Ayer Itam Dam Trail

Ayer Itam Dam Trail

Ayer Itam Dam Trail

Ayer Itam Dam Trail

Penang Nature: Hill Forest

Despite being a rather small island, Penang is not short of rainforest and natural landscapes. The hills which formed mostly at the northern part of the island are populated with old towering trees and various fauna.

Penang Isle: Teluk Bahang Forest Park

Forest Reserve

Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang or Teluk Bahang Forest Park is a rather large recreational forest for outdoor activities including hiking, camping and also to enjoy the lush rainforest in Penang. In addition to that, there is a Forestry Museum inside the park which has free admission.

The forest park is located just before Teluk Bahang Dam (opposite the dam itself) if one drives up from Batu Ferringhi area and is right after the Penang Butterfly Farm. The area is a lowland dipterocarp forest.