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George Town Heritage Roofs IV


George Town Street View: Heritage Tiled Roofs

Old rooftops of heritage pre-war townhouses in George Town.

The Hill Across the Straits


View of the mainland portion of Penang across the Malacca Straits sea.

George Town Heritage Roofs III


Among the sea of heritage rooftops lies a beautifully sculpted roof of a Chinese temple in the heart of George Town.

George Town Heritage Roofs II

George Town Heritage Roofs II

George Town Heritage Roofs II

The many shapes and designs of roofs in George Town’s heritage zone.

George Town Heritage Roofs

George Town Heritage Roofs

In George Town, heritage buildings of different faiths and cultures are common sights which serve as a history of Penang’s multiracial harmony. Pictured here is the view of the dome of Kapitan Keling Mosque with the roofs of two pre-war Chinese style townhouses.

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