Penang Street Art (Fishbone Graffiti Mural)


A beautiful street art graffiti (with the label “Fishbone” – presumably the artist’s name) found at Kuala Kangsar Road, George Town. This art work seems to be a collaboration effort with another art work under Just Dandeh.

Penang Street Art (The Lady of Flowers)

This beautiful and colourful art mural can be spotted from the street of Magazine Road Ghaut in George Town. It is one of the three murals painted on some of the old heritage houses there.

Penang Street Art (Thirst for Life)


Another art mural found at the mouth of a small alley that connects both Kampung Kolam area and Kapitan Keling Mosque Street in George Town.

Penang Street Art (“Looking Up” by Jarus)

A beautiful art mural created by street artist Emmanuel Jarus. This artwork titled “Looking Up” depicts a woman (Caryn Koh) looking up from presumably her mobile phone which is being held on her palm. This mural, apparently the largest one in the country, is easily visible if one passes by 1st Avenue shopping mall along Magazine Road. It is painted on the wall of the shopping mall building in George Town.

Jarus is a Canadian mural artist who usually paints the people he meets during his travel.

Penang Street Art (The Rubber Tapper)


Another large art mural drawn by Julia Volchkova in Balik Pulau town, Penang. This wall art depicts a woman doing rubber tapping, a process that collects the latex from a rubber tree through an incision made at the bark of the tree. Rubber trees plantations are common in Malaysia, rubber being of the main exports of the country.

For the mural’s location, refer to this map HERE.

Penang Street Art (The Old Indian Lady)


This latest art work by artist Julia Volchkova can be found at an old overgrown wall along the alley of Lumut Lane, George Town. Improvising on the existing wall facade of nature and stone, this mural depicts an old Indian lady who seems to be praying under the overgrown tree’s shade.

For this mural’s location, please click HERE.
For Julia’s other street arts in Penang, please click HERE.

Penang Street Art (Sabek’s Art Mural)

Urban Xchange

This large wall art mural was painted by Sabek, a Spanish artist who came to Penang again, this time for the Urban Xchange 2015 street art festival in Penang. This new mural was painted to replace the original mural which was also done by Sabek. This mural can be found at Jalan Raja Uda (or Raja Uda Road) in Butterworth, Penang.

For this street art location, please click HERE.

Penang Street Art (Marilyn Monroe on a Bench)


Another mural featuring what appears to be Marilyn Monroe sitting on a bench holding a mobile phone with a luggage beside. A creation by Yakuzart Creation, this art work can be found at the wall along the alley to Grand Swiss Hotel in Chulia Street, George Town.

Penang Street Art (Raja Uda Giant Mural by Sabek)


This rather large abstract mural was painted by Sabek, a Spanish artist during the Different Strokes street art exhibition period. It can be easily seen at the side wall of a shop facing the main road of Raja Uda, Butterworth. Jalan Raja Uda (or Raja Uda Road) is one of the main roads in Butterworth.

For its location, please go here; Raja Uda Street Art Murals Location Map.