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Macallum Street Ghaut View: The Passer By

An old lady walking past the walls of an old factory in Macallum Street Ghaut, Groege Town.

Penang Street Art (Fishbone Graffiti Mural)


A beautiful street art graffiti (with the label “Fishbone” – presumably the artist’s name) found at Kuala Kangsar Road, George Town. This art work seems to be a collaboration effort with another art work under Just Dandeh.

Penang Street Art (The Lady of Flowers)

This beautiful and colourful art mural can be spotted from the street of Magazine Road Ghaut in George Town. It is one of the three murals painted on some of the old heritage houses there.

Penang Street Art (The Old Indian Lady)


This latest art work by artist Julia Volchkova can be found at an old overgrown wall along the alley of Lumut Lane, George Town. Improvising on the existing wall facade of nature and stone, this mural depicts an old Indian lady who seems to be praying under the overgrown tree’s shade.

For this mural’s location, please click HERE.
For Julia’s other street arts in Penang, please click HERE.

Penang Street Art (Marilyn Monroe on a Bench)


Another mural featuring what appears to be Marilyn Monroe sitting on a bench holding a mobile phone with a luggage beside. A creation by Yakuzart Creation, this art work can be found at the wall along the alley to Grand Swiss Hotel in Chulia Street, George Town.

A Stroll along Stewart Lane

Stewart Lane Stroll
A lady with an umbrella taking a stroll along Stewart Lane under the bright noon sun in George Town.

Penang Street Art (Urban Xchange Mural II @ Chulia Street)


Another large art mural painted at the side wall of a building along Chulia Street, George Town. As titled, this mural was painted for the Urban Xchange street art fest held in November 2014.

Penang Street Art (The Fox Lady)

Another large art mural depicting a lady with two foxes found along Presgrave Street (or Lebuh Presgrave) in George Town. This mural is also part of the series of street art of Urban Xchange.

Penang Street Art (The Dancer)


A wall art depicting a female dancer who seems to be dancing ballad atop the old signboard of Stewart Lane (Lebuh Stewart). This painting can be found at a corner townhouse along Stewart Lane, George Town.

Please refer to this MAP for the location.

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