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Esplanade Walkway


The Esplanade Promenade, George Town.


The Northam Road Coast

Northam Coast
Northam Road or Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, is a road that stretches along the northern coast of the Penang island. Old mansions can be seen along this road, which was once a popular address for wealthy people back in the old days of Penang.

Green Hall Street View

Green Hall

Green Hall

Green Hall (Jalan Green Hall) is a small road in George Town which is connected to Light Street via a T-junction in George Town. It is a dead end on the other end of the road, which faces the coastal waters of the island.

Green Hall

Chew Jetty Boardwalk






One of the unique attractions in Penang is the clan jetties located along the coastal area of Weld Quay, George Town. One such jetty is the larger and more popular Chew Clan Jetty, or commonly known as just Chew Jetty, which features wooden houses built on stilts.

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