Balik Pulau Street View: Bike Trail Signboard


The countryside and rural parts of Balik Pulau provide an ideal place for bicycle enthusiast to go on a journey through various small villages and farmlands in the western region of Penang.
The roads there have fewer traffic and the surrounding rural landscape provides a cleaner air and beautiful scenery as well.

George Town Street View: DOWNING STREET

Downing St

Downing St

Downing St

Named after the famous Downing Street in London, the British built their government offices on this street in George Town, Penang during the colonial era. It is one of the oldest and historical streets in George Town and currently houses the state post office and the HSBC bank.

Penang Street Art (Fine for Littering)

This piece of artwork is created by ASA (Artists for Stray Animals) as part of their 101 Lost Kittens project. This particular artwork located along Armenian Street encourages pet owners to sterilize their pets rather than throwing them out on the streets.