Penang Street Art (Nasi Kandar Seller)


This steel rod sculpture located at Ah Quee Street can be found on a wall of an orange restaurant. It depicts how Nasi Kandar was being sold in the old days by Indian Muslims in Penang. The word Nasi Kandar, originated in the old days of Penang when nasi (rice) sellers would balance a kandar pole on their shoulder with two huge containers of rice meals or curry dishes.


Penang Street Art (Prangin Road Ghaut)


Prangin Road Ghaut is an extension of Prangin Road as a result of reclamation land at the Weld Quay area of George Town. The Prangin Canal or last time known as the Prangin River is along this road and was once used to transport goods from the sea.

Penang Street Art (Green Hall)



Back in the old days, the Tamils referred to this street (Green Hall) as Salt Traders Street due to the salt trading activities conducted at this area. This steel rod art sculpture can be seen installed at one of the walls of the buildings at Green Hall, George Town.

Penang Street Art (Backpackers’ Main Street)

A wall steel rod caricature depicting how Chulia Street is now also known as the Backpackers’ Main Street due to the number of budget hotels sprouting along the street with the influx of tourists into the island in recent times.