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George Town Street View: An Old Alley

An Old Alley


George Town Street View: An Overgrowth Alley

An Overgrowth Alley

Every corner and alley of George Town can be seen as a portrait of forgotten time and history.

Penang Street Art (Murals in the Ruins)

Murals in Ruins

Several art works found on the walls of this ruined heritage house in the now cleared Maxwell Road, George Town. This was one of the locations used for the Different Strokes street art festival too.

George Town Street View: Ah Quee Street

Ah Quee Street

Ah Quee Street

Ah Quee Street

Ah Quee Street

Ah Quee Street

Ah Quee Street (Lebuh Ah Quee), is an old street in George Town which is named after Kapitan China Chung Keng Kwee. An influential figure during his time, Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee (also known as ‘Ah Kwee’, hence the street name) presented this street to the local municipality after having demolished his shophouses to make way for the road.

A few murals can be found on the ancient walls of the street such as the popular one by Ernest Zachaveric as shown below;

Ah Quee Street Art Mural

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