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A Forgotten Back Alley



Penang Street Art (Chicken Alley)


This steel rod sculpture can be found at Che Em Lane, a narrow lane off Beach Street. According to the steel caricature, Che Em Lane was once known as “Chicken Alley” as it was mostly used by poulterers in the olden days.

Che Em Lane

The Che Em Lane is one of the narrowest lanes in George Town, Penang.

Penang Street Art (The Voting Finger)

A painted ‘finger’ with a blue paint splashed on top of it to depict the inedible ink used on the finger during the Malaysian General Election previously. This art work can be found at Soo Hong Lane , the narrowest lane in George Town.

George Town Street View: Lumut Lane

Lumut Lane (or Lorong Lumut) is a small street that connects both Acheen Street and Toh Aka Lane. It was said that the leaders of the Acheen community of traders, pilgrim brokers and writers had been living at Lumut Lane’s area since the 19th century in George Town.

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