Window of The Top @ KOMTAR

The Window of the Top is the indoor observation level of The Top at KOMTAR tower, which offers a 360 degrees view of Penang, or rather George Town itself. It also features a small area of glass pane walkway like the Rainbow Skywalk. There is also a souvenir shop located here.

Rainbow Skywalk at The Top @ KOMTAR

The Rainbow Skywalk of The Top @ KOMTAR as seen from the streets below. The rooftop of the KOMTAR tower underwent a major change since last year which included an outdoor platform at the very top of the tower for visitors to have a 360 degrees view of George Town from above. The outdoor platform was opened to the public early this year, and in addition to an indoor observation deck at a level below and a restaurant, it also features a small glass pane walkway that is extended out from the roof (called the Rainbow Skywalk).

The Majestic Theater

The Majestic Theater is a historical and old cinema built in the 1920s at Khoo Sian Ewe Road‘s junction in George Town, Penang. Established by a wealthy Chinese businessman, Khoo Sian Ewe, the cinema serves as one of the earliest entertainment outlets for the local Chinese community here in Penang. The old building went through a renovation recently and is now being transformed to a center for theatrical performances and exhibitions.

George Town Street View: Khoo Sian Ewe Road

Khoo Sian Ewe Road is a small road in George Town city center, which was named after Khoo Sian Ewe, a son of a Chinese Kapitan. During his time, Khoo Sian Ewe is a well known philanthropist and one of the largest property owners in Penang. Besides being knighted by the British Empire and being a member of the Straits Settlements Legislative Council, he also contributed in the establishment of several historical buildings on the island with one being the famous Majestic Theater, an old but historical cinema in Penang.